About Us

Kids Publication Pvt.  Ltd., established in 2067, is a growing publishing house. The publication focuses on children educational books and other supporting materials that make their learning easier and faster especially for the children under the age of 10 years.

The publication is run by experienced, trained and professional team of school sector education.

KIDS publication has the following features and strengths:

  1. We focus only on childhood education, Montessori education system and children literature.
  2. The publication management team is highly experienced and strong in curriculum development, child friendly material designing, and classroom facilitation and guidance.
  3. We have a long term collaboration and bilateral understanding with CTF Nepal, a leading teachers training and consulting house.
  4. Our priority is for textual and supplementary reading and activity-based material, focusing on all seasons, sessions and events related to young children, and ultimately to produce the materials based on Nepalese context.
  5. Our focus is on developing the books and materials which support holistic development of the focused children.